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Deposit Bonus never to be used

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Having joined a month ago and deposited about 6k already. I had some great welcome bonus on the first 4 deposits and have accumulated over 8k in bonus funds. I dont like the way the bonis actually gets awarded, in drips of what has been total £150 on my way up to level 22.


Why dont BC bet just do it like everyone one else and have allow us to play with the bonus money to begin with and let us chase wagering that way?  I can have my 8k released if I wager half a million?! Lol. I would rather of just had the fun playing with it to begin with. Likely those bonus funds wont ever get released as I wont be spending half a million + to release it so ...doesnt feel loke bonus funds to me. 


Any opinion on this as its the only flaw I see in an otherwise pretty solid casino.


Have a good one

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