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Can anyone help me create a simple script with the following rules:

1. The script runs after the yellow point appears and goes through 10 steps (can be changed) to start betting

2. When the martingale passes the 20 loss strike (can be changed) then the bet returns to the start or stops the game

that's the only strategy I want to apply, I hope it helps

Thank you very much

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On 10/4/2023 at 8:21 PM, tourmz said:

Hi reply again to this post and I'll hook you up, what is the exact details of how you want the script to function? I do not quite understand from the given explanation.

Hey I'm new to this script thing and I need a script for crash. I need the script to start the  bet with a value of 1000NGN on 1.05 odds. I need it to wait for 5 rounds and then run again with same amount (the amount should remain fixed). The number of rounds it waits to play again should decrease by 1, i.e it bets on 1.05, waits 5 rounds, bet again, waits 4 rounds, bets again, waits 3 rounds and so on and the loops and starts from 5 again

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