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$150 BC.GAME Sports Parlay Challenge

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:Untitled-1:🏆 BC.GAME SPORTS PARLAY CHALLENGE 🏆:Untitled-1:


Welcome to BC.GAME SPORTS PARLAY CHALLENGE with a prize pool of $150!


Check below the full terms and conditions and how you can win these rewards!


  • What is the challenge?
    • Place a Sports Parlay/Combo Bet to qualify for the challenge. A parlay consists of two or more sports bet in a single slip with higher multiplier. Highest parlay multiplier wins the challenge.
    • Visit https://bc.game/sports to make your parlay selections.


  • Minimum VIP
    • No Minimum VIP Level


  • Minimum payout
    • There is no minimum multiplier, however, only the top 10 winning parlay multipliers will win a prize!


  • Minimum Bet Size
    • $0.1 USD equivalent


  • Eligible Coins
    • All cryptocurrencies are eligible (excepting JB, and BCL)


  • Available Prizes
    • 1st Place....... $50
    • 2nd Place..... $30
    • 3rd Place...... $25
    • 4th Place......$15
    • 5th Place......$10  
    • 6th-10th.........$5


  • How to Enter:
    • To participate, copy the Betslip Ticket ID of your parlay and post it as a reply to this thread as follows:
      • Ticket ID: 2126602890796736992
    • Along with the screenshot of your parlay slip.


Ticket ID: 2126602890796736992


  • If a selection results in a void or push, the bet will remain eligible as long as it remains equal to or greater than a triple bet and meets the odds requirements.
  • Cashed out bets will not be counted.
  • Please combine all of your hits together in a SINGLE post. Edit your existing post for additional hits, don't create a new post.
  • Bets must be made during the specified time window stated above. This thread will lock automatically when the time period is over.
  • One (1) entry per household. If anyone found attempting to win multiple prizes will be disqualified from this challenge as well as from all future challenges.
  • Failure to follow instructions will result in your submission being null and void.
  • By entering this challenge, you acknowledge that BC.Game has the final decision rights on results and placement.
  • All prizes will be paid out in BCD within 72 hours of challenge completion.


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I posted the bets placed but open, not won, so I deleted them

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Wrong post, should have won the bet

💙 𝔎𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔞 💙


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Ticket ID: 2127833612450664543



TOTAL ODDS: 21.261

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Ticket ID: 2127584417210834991


Ticket ID: 2128384858093924984


ticket ID: 2128386612609036805



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ID: 2128310352839057537


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Ticket ID: 2127666086123016410




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Ticket ID: 2127529784538959942



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ID 2129135172543721617

Pyout 200.80x


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  • BCDash changed the title to $150 BC.GAME Sports Parlay Challenge
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🏆  Sports Parlay Challenge #1 🏆


1st place... Tato_123 🥇
2nd place... QCLoverman 🥈
3rd place... rasmus1234 🥉
4th place... Lixars
5th place... Mun
6th place... Mugen
7th place... Vinho
8th place... Maksypro
9th place... o-0
10th place... Satoshimaker


Congratulations to all the winners! 


Event continues to participate - BC.GAME Sports Parlay Challenge #2

$150 BC.GAME Sports Parlay Challenge #2



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