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Introducing Coin Flip - Back to Basics with a Degenerate Touch Up


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When we talk about Gambling and the Math behind it, the go-to example always remains Coin-Flip. However, original games have become too complex to make graphically appealing to the players over the past few years.


As humans, we are programmed to incline toward fancy stuff with evolution. However, after a while, we all realize that simplicity is the best policy. Considering the same grounds, we brought the classic coin-flip back, but it has got what all the Gamblers look for with infinite potential.

How the game works:

1. Pick Heads or Tails and click on BET.

2. Upon landing on a winning BET, you can further continue flipping the coin for more rounds.

3. As you keep winning, the multiplier keeps on increasing.

4. You can hit the cashout button at any point to bank your profits.

5. However, note that if you do not cashout and land on a losing bet, all your winnings will result in a loss.

Flip your way to glory - Click Here

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