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  1. Names, Big Spender / Big Winner / Cash Cow; Win 25/50/100 dollars in one bet for any coin. (Any amount, im not sure how high people normally bet, maybe this needs to be 250 or 500 dollars in a single bet) Names, Zombie Mode / Tired Hands; Bet 1,000,000 times in any 1 specific game. Names, Lucky Dice / Lucky Throw; Win 50 times in a row on Dice. (This one could go for any game) Names, Lucky Loser / Biggest Loser / Pockets of Holes; Largest value loss that month. (12 rewards a year) Names, Penny Pincher / Money Maker; Have profit of 100 dollars or more on any 1 game.
  2. " I love Doge and its worth 1/3 of a penny per coin. " JB would need to go right off. VNDC is barely worth more than TRTL, everything you said applies to this coin as well. DOGE too, not worth shit per coin, so should go by the wayside, like you say, nothing worse than logging in to see you got half a doge or 2 doge and its not even worth 1 cent. The coins not broken, I dont think it needs fixed. You just dont like it There are other coins with more value, other coins listed with less value. As long as a coin isnt negative value some magical way, I am happy with it.
  3. If the user in question owned this site and was banned, I could see him qualifying for an answer. This is an online Casino that can do whatever it wants and we play at their leisure. You cant apply local laws and rules worldwide. Would be nice to know why someone was banned, but totally not something that should be shared publicly with everyone, only the one banned. Yes I know this is old topIC:D
  4. Thanks for the update! And that sucks:(
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