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  1. I didn't mention football because people have more than 100+ games to like
  2. Mine is realmadrid #halamadrid I am excited to see yours
  3. Let's create best meme of bc game. I mean not negative but make positive meme towards bc game Here is mine
  4. @BC_Panda some lvl should be edited in this post after ubdate
  5. Some of my winning screenshot and strategy Payout :-5.26x and on loss 36% Payout :-39x and on loss 2.8% Payout :-11x and on loss 15% And last and my favorite is play 1.5x manually with increase bet at 1st green and decrease bet at straight 3rd green..
  6. This is must people favorite
  7. Greetings, my designation is San Tosh. I was born at age zero and have survived as a successful living organism on this planet until present day. My biology consists of three components: 1. a structural mass, 2. a nervous system which detects external forces exerting pressure upon my mass and 3. a muscular system which exerts equal and opposite pressure thus maintaining my equilibrium. ''life is nothing and everything all at once"
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