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  1. best player of the month .. in every country room
  2. I have a froene who i invites to join bc game beforeand he joined under me. Can he fill up the form and put me as his referral? Im platinum 3 already in bitsler. How much will i get
  3. #bcgame (swc-####-####-####-bc) the #### stands for letters and numbers and special characters swc means sweetcodes and at the end it has bc so they would know that codes are issued in bc
  4. christian john, zhayle martin, archael john, michael zharn, jordayne mike, gerick john, nauriss dayne,
  5. heres mine bc game is the best
  6. please delete the two comment of mine above as i have 3 winning hit for 666xxx username : ꧁᪣ShaNE᪣꧂ bet : 0.12 xml
  7. hello everyone, yeah! its all about the subject. do you play using a flat bet strategy or matlrtangle? personally ? i choose flatbet? why because if choose martangle when playing the chances of getting bust is 90% , in just 1 min ull get bust but if u play using flat bet ( flatbet means no on win and no on lose) you can still change ur payout number and bets to recover everything. believe it or not! it may sound so crazy but if u hunt 100x to 500x with flatbet u will surely hit ur target. Tell me ur strategy too guys and lets bind it here coz we know it will help us to maximize our earnings. shane
  8. You know you're a crypto gambler when things turn bad on ur game and starting to pm friends to beg some coins. lol hehe
  9. coco please, i want to experience too getting sweetcodes coming from you sir
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