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  1. Betting ID: 48296933013323814 Betting ID: 48300523605983250
  2. Bet ID: 45999005250879528 is it possible to go back and get a screen shot if you forget to take one?
  3. Betting ID: 44792089375932425 Betting ID: 44792089375932426 Betting ID: 44792089375932427 Betting ID: 44794623406637066 Betting ID: 44794623406637067
  4. Betting ID: 39744648104640636 it would have been alot higher but my phone rotated and I lost 6 free spins they need to fix that shit
  5. Betting ID: 4644773 https://bcgame-project.github.io/bcgame-blackjack/?s=W5kvdHw%2BkSD4o15UOBhdivpb8LHW5jLle1b1r7q1OlE1uV8pHOYquXXrEKFiawcOY3O83qUurpxO%2F2VHxgCKVChI5al%2F%2BJKuPdenqqKJhcjO%2FxuXWkfl%2F%2FF1ugH9sKgNsifeAVMr6N43asyHuotgRwRf29URmPCddKhV6fw7wNc%3D&i=222078&range=205,214
  6. https://Freecash.com/r/platinumdubs I've made 700$ in less than 6 months every 1000 coins made is 1$ dollar Cash out crypto as little as 50 cents/500 coins
  7. https://bc.game/classicdice/006EJ9S0V84QE1 https://bc.game/classicdice/00KDKJOI2B4QE1
  8. anyone else having the page not found issue when claiming the daily tasks. I'm sure the powers that be are aware of it if it's an issue but if not just bringing it up.
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