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  1. You lose maybe because that day is not your lucky day and the shit happened all day no matter where you play. Secondly, you lose because you are too greedy and want bigger than you have already win just before. The problem is you maybe can’t control yourself in gambling all the time. That is not so professional and it showed your childish and ignorant attitude When you’re really luck, you maybe can turn 0.0216 LTC to 1.065 LTC
  2. Title 1: Pharaoh Secret Tomb Start your journey in Ancient Egyptian civilisation here! Find out the secret treasure of Pharaoh that still buried under unknown pyramid. This will changes your life forever !! Title 2: Nehebkau Treasure‘s Nehebkau, the original snake of ancient Egyptian was believed to be both ancient & eternal god. Originally been considered as evil spirit but later he functions as funerary god associated with afterlife. The Nehebkau treasure still remain buried like a thousand year before untouched, deeply under the mega-structures of holy pyramid.
  3. Why everyone keep commenting the same words ? The miracles are happening if you got the shit code through the ‘good’ word hahaha
  4. BC.GAME : Your Lucky Day Maybe Here BC.GAME : The Best Crypto Casino Platform Ever BC.GAME : Take Risk 2 Beat Your Fate
  5. Hope BC.GAME can add more type of game that still not available here like MINE, HI-LO and others games which is common on others casino platform
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