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  1. In 15 minutes you can spin the wheel and will probably get 10,000 JB.
  2. MessageError: Socket time out Only able to run auto a short while before getting this now, like minutes
  3. You're not using the house edge as a percentage in your equations so you're getting results 100x higher than they should be. 0.25 * 3% * 20% is 0.0015. 0.25 * 1% * 20% = 0.0005. With the 1% games you unlock .01 BCD for every $5 you wager, $500 wager to unlock 1BCD.
  4. Ok so it appears that they've switched the script over to the hash dice style, you'll no longer use game ended function. I just stuck one of my hash dice scripts in and it seems to be working just as it should. Look at the built in martingale script as an example. The config stuff is pretty much the same but to start playing we use the following functions: function main() { game.onBet = function () { game.bet(currentBet, config.payout.value).then(function (payout) { This will place your bet and wait for the payout of the game to be returned into variable payout. After this you'll use an if function to check if you won (payout > 1) and put everything you'd normally do after a win in there. Then you'll finish it with an else (you lost). if (payout > 1) { Do whatever you would normally do after a win here. } else { Do whatever you would normally do after a loss here. }
  5. New one today MessageError: Seed in use
  6. MessageError: call game manage server interface fail Script barely makes it through 20k rounds before failing with this error now. I've been doing unattended play for a while basically 24/7 before this update.
  7. Got this one a few more times myself including a short while ago. Also got an error that just says please bet again a couple of times but forgot to update this thread when it happened.
  8. I'm curious to know what you're even using game ended for in hashdice. My scripts just call game.bet and use the payout number to determine what happens next, wondering if there is any benefit to doing it differently. The beginning of mine look like this: game.onBet = function () { game.bet(currentBet, currentPayout).then(function (payout) { Everything is wrapped in that and I use the returned variable payout (> 1 means a win) to determine what happens next and then it automatically loops until I call game.stop(). It would be really nice to have some more in-depth documentation so we could see what sort of game data is actually available.
  9. Same here, not sure what to do about it. Same with previous posts containing images.
  10. Multiple tabs/devices work but AFAIK each needs to be a different currency and game. Trying to play the same game or use the same coin on multiple games doesn't seem possible.
  11. Ran pretty solid since my last post, then a bit over halfway through a 17 hour overnight run I got stopped with MessageError: time out
  12. The only documentation I've been able to find is in the help window in the custom script section, I'd love to get more detailed documentation but not very optimistic about it.
  13. Quiet Earp


    AFAIK it isn't. I think the game_started/game_ended bit was added to the script help window in hash dice by accident and they really only apply to crash. I think the interaction with hash scripts is the engine.bet function which only returns the resulting payout. Would be lovely to have actual documentation .
  14. Things were going pretty smooth for almost 10 hours before getting a new error: MessageError: call server fail
  15. Interested to know what no longer works, my crash and hash scripts seem to both function as they should, although I do get an error in crash when using engine.getHistory() "The history API is deprecated, you should store it yourself!"
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