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  1. That’s a shame that a few have to ruin it for all. I hope to see this up and running again soon. I’m sure it’s a constant struggle to have to combat the barrage of people who spend more time trying to cheat the system rather than focusing those energies on just playing the games the way they are supposed to be played but if they did they probably wouldn’t fare too bad and might even win the challenge that they are trying to cheat their way into winning. Smh people never cease to amaze me, especially with their audacity. Anywho... I look forward to the reintroduction of this event and hope it comes back into fruition soon. Cheers.
  2. It seems you guys might have the frameworks in mind already so I’ll go with the examples you’ve already started piecing together. Since Doge seems to be the focus I would probably coin the title to be “Doge Miner” or something along the lines. I personally would like to see it in the ladders format such as caves with progressive multipliers available at each tier. The traditional format is a dime a dozen and less enticing if you ask me. If you have to go that route then at least make it playable from both sides so that way the game will pay out from the left as well as the right side of the slot. Maybe even payout for wins from the top and bottom as well. I don’t see that very often and would be more likely to be tempted to play if it offered a feature like that because of the increased possibility of winning from angles not usually available. As far as bonus features go the obvious free spins would be a must but an interactive feature game where the player has to choose out of a few possible prizes for a feature would be cool to have. I’m not personally a big fan of the gamble feature available after wins but I suppose that could be thrown in also. I would like to see a slot where players are assigned randomly to a specific “slot” with a maximum of 8 or so players making up a team that can cumulatively trigger the feature bonus making the bonus an interactive team oriented game that the players rely on the decisions of each of the players to win the prize. Also if you could level up within the slot game itself the more you played offering bigger prizes or multipliers or even selectable Options available to the players as they level their miner or whatever that is independent of the BC player level would be another challenge that I would think might be kinda cool. Like a mini game within the site that a player could build up and earn different perks proprietary to the game itself. Maybe offer items of symbols to collect that can be used in the bonus game that increases your chances of winning or offers bigger prizes/payouts for using them at the players discretion. I’ll add more as I think of the ideas but for now I guess that’s a rough draft in it’s infancy. Cheers and I hope this turns out better than the egyptian adventure. I am disappointed with the way that game plays and the payouts/bonuses are far and few between in that game. I was really looking forward to it but I’ve done nothing but lose everytime I bother trying it to a ridiculous degree.
  3. Would love to see what a working sweet code feels like. Lol just saying lol I seem to run on my own time zone so never seem to make these postings lol. Meh anyways thanks for the opp and for real. Sweet code would be sweet lol cheers
  4. Personally I am a fan of the 3.0 update for BC games. I believe the graphical user interface is a lot more appealing and the layout seems to make more sense from the perspective of the end user. The site seems a lot more user friendly and the introduction of new slots makes the casino a lot more appealing to a wider target demographic. I couple things I did notice though are some glitches in a few of the slot games. On the KA Gaming slot Super Shot 2 if you don’t rotation lock your device and then proceed to turn the device into landscape view the sizing of the screen zooms in and you are not able to play the game or access the buttons even if you reorient the device back into portrait mode. You have to physically back out of the game in order for the issue to reset. Also on the same game when the player achieves the bonus round by spinning three or more bonus reels instead of the game continuing with the bonus it will freeze and you either have to reload the game or open it up in a new browser. The game has been good about saving your bonus initiation and continuing it once the game is restarted but it makes for playability to be a bit of a hassle. When I’ve shared this game with some of my referrals and friends I’ve had to go through the process of explaining that workaround to them. They all instantly thought the game was broken or cheating them and I had to assure them that it is an issue they are working on but there would be no loss on their side. This bug seemed to of ran true on all platforms no matter what type of mobile device the player utilizes wether it is iPhone or Android. I have yet to experiment if the same problem persists on desktop but will attempt to check and update with my findings ASAP. Everyone once in awhile the site will give the impression that some of the games and features are no longer updated to 3.0 either. What I mean by this is games like the Egyptian Adventure game will not be available for play as if it was never released or made available yet. I’ve only gotten this to occur a few times and may be fixed by the time this post has been made but is another bug I’ve noticed as well. When collecting your rakeback, affiliate bonuses, and sometimes(but not often) recharges, your funds don’t immediately appear in your bankroll and you will have to completely close down the browser or exit the site and restart it for the funds to appear. Also at times the displayed wallet amount of currency is not accurate and will be more or less than what is available in your actual wallet. So on certain games the correct values don’t roll over and either the game will not allow you to continue playing(especially on slots) due to insufficient funds or the player will think they have more money than they do which happens in blackjack a lot. The latter problem in particular has messed me up quite a few times because I base my bet values in accordance to my total bankroll available and when I am caught off guard by being out of funds before expected it becomes a hassle to have to contact support and review my transaction bill just to find out if there was an error or not. These are just a few of the issues that I have noticed. I love BC and it is like a second home to me. I know the staff has been working hard to make improvements and become the best casino available in the industry and I thank you for all your efforts. Everytime I have had an issue and contacted support they have done their best to rectify the issue in an expedited as possible manner. I’m sure you get a plethora of complaints and not enough pats on the back so know that you have at least one highly satisfied customer who appreciates the work put into running and maintaining a venture such as this. Keep up the good work and I’m happy to see the growth BC has made to get this point and continue to look forward to the future endeavors BC will provide. I hope this helps and thank you once again for the many days of this love hate relationship I enjoy so much. Cheers. -jAishO- aka reSearch Two other things I forgot to mention . While playing plinko sometimes I will get a message saying seed in use. I’m not sure what this means already but I’m sure if I was one of the usual trolls I would immediately assume some type of cheat or scam going on because I’m a bad loser... but fortunately I don’t live under a bridge asking for toll crossing money. Not sure what that means or not but was an issue I noticed. Also the other day I kept getting the message “service error” while doing various tasks. On my mobile device my entire inbox including friends and messages were not available for viewing nor could I send tips or messages to anyone but when I logged into my laptop the site was working fine. I’m assuming it was an issue with some code or something on the mobile side of the house but noticed the bug was not present on the desktop platforms. Also there have been a few latency issues but that couldn’t be attributed to a variable of factors such as internet connection speed or lag from the isp or the end user device itself so I’ll assume that it isn’t the site itself. Anyways just wanted to drop an update on some other bugs/issues I’ve noticed. Thanks again. additonal request - please adjust the values on the task bonus goals. Some of the numbers don’t make sense such as the daily wagering amount being 5-10 more than the weekly wagering requirement. My weekly is around 20k or so but my daily is over 100k so it doesn’t make sense for the tasks to have a higher requirement for the daily amounts than the cumulative weekly requirements. I understand that the values are set according to level and implemented with the expectation that the higher level players wager more, but some weeks I’m not able to deposit or play as much as past weeks and would like to see the tasks as a way to mitigate these slow weeks and something to look forward to as an option to keep playing by achieving these tasks and getting the rewards from them allowing me unexpected funds to give right back to BC that week lol. Thanks again and just a suggestion/request to lower or adjust the daily/weekly tasks amounts to a more user friendly amount so that they can be reached within reason. Cheers
  5. Medal Titled “Loose Change” wager at least $100 on every game offered by BC. I woulda of said $1000 per game but with the new 3.0 coming out that might take forever lol.
  6. A medal called “the comeback kid” for the widest range from loss to win for the day/week/month whichever. So turning a negative start into a positive win of equal or greater proportion. Might be encouraging for some of those who always have something to complain about when things don’t exactly go their way to show it’s possible to turn that shitty start into a finish that’s the shit.
  7. Or is it only diamonds? I’m confused because the first set of rules says the first card out needs to be the same suit but later it says three diamonds.
  8. I agree the algorithm has definitely changed. I noticed that awhile back myself.
  9. A Hi-Lo “Against the Grain” medal for winning 5 consecutive bets in the direction opposite of the best chance of winning with no more than a 5 card availability on the lowest chance side at the time of each bet
  10. A BC Family Medal. Where at least three mods and upper management have to sponsor a regular consistent player to be recommended for the medal.
  11. A beggar/bot medal which rewards with a suspension then after three a ban A Name that River Medal - For crying a river after losing and rewards with the worlds smallest violin symbol next to their name for a week.
  12. A max bet win medal with a minimum bet amount depending on the coin a to the moon medal for crash and limbo rewarding players in different tiers for different levels of moon hits such as the 100 500 1000 5000 10000 marks
  13. 10/10 on keno or max selected numbers above 8 a mini medal the mods can give out for good game play every once in awhile.
  14. An action spin medal.... self explanatory
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