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  1. and what do you say? ever given to whom? brag a bit) #BCGameSweetcode
  2. all done. tip me)
  3. @hrnn0 and suddenly someone really throws a couple of coins
  4. Administration I'm warning you for the first and last time! If you Do not send me a shit code in messages, I will send my sectarian brother to you. I am infuriated by 2 things, the first is that I don't have time to activate this fucking code first, and my fucking brother is a sectarian)) but I think that most likely you will ignore this message, so soon I will have one less problem) It's not him in the photo. But believe me, it looks and behaves exactly like an ordinary stupid sectarian, do you need it?)))
  5. I want to participate in your game. What's your casino nickname?
  6. если ты в плане доверия то можно. только не играй на последние деньги, и не занимай на игру.
  7. Hey coco, give me shitcode please
  8. #BCGame Sweetcode# please
  9. #BCGameSweetcode #BCGameShitcode #ILoveYouCoco Sweet little code Smells like poop Poop is good Poop everyday Get pooped everyday Goodluck!!
  10. I respect, that's just I want to see something new, I am a little tired of the same games. Also, playing for almost half a year, I still did not understand where to get a code for a bonus or a link at least once, everything is always already assigned by someone.
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