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  1. u're most welcome.. goodluck on your game.. cheers
  2. Dera

    Hilo-Insanity EXTREME

    plz dont make challenge with hi-lo.. i'll definetelly give up before i start
  3. do u use mastercard? so for example u want buy dogecoin u can search on google " how to buy dogecoin with mastercard" Like this
  4. u need to buy coin first on some exchanger.. then u can deposit the coins from the exchanger to bc.game.. i think there is no minimum deposit here.. cz I can deposit even only 1trx via tronlink
  5. did u play with jb only? u should depo some coins bro
  6. maybe u can try these method: https://forum.bc.game/topic/2265-wanna-level-up-fastly-do-this-on-crash/ or u can bet on classic dice,limbo or hashdice with payout 1.0102. just remember this is gambling... there is always a risk when u bet.. just dont forget cover any loses before continue level up
  7. nice method.. maybe u can change payout to 1.5 to cover the loses and get back to 1.01 when balance normal.. then repeat
  8. Dera

    Hilo-Insanity EXTREME

    wtf i dont know if hi lo can get that hight payout how many cards u need to guest right to get that?
  9. bet on red give us 1.96x .. so if we did 10k doge bet we will lose about 1960 doge.. but like i said before.. just do this method when u feel sure trend will go to green.. for me usually do recover with classic crash game if we hit too many reds then continue to the method when balance going okay.. and for now i combine all of them, classic,red,green,and moon at same time to looking for some profits
  10. Hello guys.. its me again.. im just start excited on this forum so i'll share more what i know here So many players especially new player ask frequently about How to increase bc game level fastly. so now i share to u my method first of all, what game will we use on this method? yeah u right!! Crash!! its my favorit game and bc game have best crash game ever with its great feature and smooth animation never feel comfortable on other casino's crash game okay now to the point.. do step below to start level up fastly on bc game! 1. Open Trendball tab on Crash game 2. Open live stats box 3. Do high amount bet on RED and GREEN at SAME TIME! 4. REPEAT! with this method u'll get small lose (if many RED come) but u'll get HIGH WAGGER! if u still affraid just try with little amount of coint first and see the stats,then u continue with higher bet. and better u do this method when u feel sure the trend will go GREEN,stop if many RED come! see my video here : https://youtu.be/khPq_JGhltQ that's all guys.. i hope this can be usefull for u that need this method.. Good luck to u!! tips: u can use this method to win Contest too
  11. mantapp.. hajar terus.. empty the bankroll
  12. Dera


    u should press ctrl+shift+v when pasting words from google translate
  13. thanks.. dont forget subscribe my yt channel too
  14. Dera


    u can play both classic and trendball at same time also
  15. hello guys.. i want to share good script that i usually use when i have bad feeling on crash trends. Sometime we need this to avoid lose all balance because your emotion. this script works to follow other player's bet,so if other player bet a coin,u will follow their bet on a percentage amount of other player's bet that u followed. this usefull if u feel other players have better feeling and better luck than u. u can still have 100% control of your bet.. mean,u can do manual cashout if u feel crash will bang. how to use the script?? 1. go to auto tab and click add script https://i.imgur.com/MT0J0c1.png 2. paste script below and click save let config = { followUser: {label: 'USERNAME', value: 'Vpnwbbspb', type: 'text'}, percentbet: {label: 'BET PERCENTAGE', value: 10, type: 'number'}, maxBetTitle: {label: "Max bet avoid bet too high", type: 'title' }, maxBet: {label: 'Max bet ', value: 100, type: 'number'}, maxPayoutTitle: { label: "Max payout", type: 'title' }, maxPayout: { label: 'Max payout', value: 3, type: 'number' } }; function main() { const followUser = config.followUser.value; const maxPayout = config.maxPayout.value; const maxBet = config.maxBet.value; let isPlaying = false; engine.on('GAME_STARTING', function() { if (isPlaying) log.info(`Lagi Niru ${followUser}`) }); engine.on('GAME_ENDED', function() { isPlaying = false; const lastGame = engine.getHistory()[0]; if (!lastGame.wager) return if (lastGame.cashedAt) { log.info(`WON : crashed at payout: ${lastGame.cashedAt/100}`); }else{ log.info('BUSTED!! :( '); } }); engine.on('GAME_BET', function(player) { if (player.name != followUser) return; player.bet = (player.bet * (config.percentbet.value / 100)); if (currency.minAmount > player.bet) { player.bet = currency.minAmount; } if (maxBet < player.bet) { player.bet = maxBet; } if (player.bet > currency.amount) { log.info('Error! incufficient Balance!!'); return; } if ( maxBet > player.bet && currency.amount > player.bet && player.bet > currency.minAmount && !isPlaying && player.name == followUser ) { isPlaying = true; engine.bet(player.bet, maxPayout); } }); engine.on('GAME_CASHED', function(player) { if (player.name === followUser) engine.cashOut(); }); } 3. run the script u need copy player's username to follow the bet. for this see my video below.. https://youtu.be/5NRBEZuKO2k hope this script can usefull for u guys.. enjoy!!
  16. main trendball, bet RED sama GREEN bareng2.. bet gede2 gpp
  17. Here is how to use trendball and classic at sametime
  18. hello this topic is not for crash expert i created this because many players got mad by red L on crash. what is RED L? thats where so many Red on crash and its create L pattern on trends tab. how to fight with this kind of red? u have 3 options : 1. STOP BETTING - stop betting untill trend goes normal 2. KEEP BETTING - keep betting but u should cashout under 2x. ex: 1.3x | 1,5x | 1,7x 3. KEEP BETTING, COMBINE CLASSIC WITH TRENDBALL - Do u know u can bet on classic and trend ball on same time?? yeah.. coco already give this cool feature why dont u use it?? for this one, u can bet on classic while bet on RED with same or half bet amount to avoid BUSTED by RED. if u feel trend will go green, bet half amount of classic bet on trend ball, but if u still feel trend will going red, u bet same amount between classic and trendball. u can also bet on Moon if u feel trend will go to the moon. u can also get high amount of wager if u use this tips so u can upgrade your level faster while still making some money.. that's all for now.. if u guys have more option to fight RED L just comments below
  19. go high bet about 13 times u'll get the medal
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