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  1. In terms of getting something for nothing, bugging people in chat is a terrible way to get tips. Reminding winners who aren't that experienced yet to use the vault is much better, because they will smile and remember your name every time they are saved by using the vault, as I discovered it completely changed my experience on BC.Game. When players lose, I write the most caring and supportive words that you've ever imagined, one of the best tips I ever got was when at the end of a long feel better message in chat, I said: Tomorrow is another day. That player was very helped in his moment of despair with those kind words. To know that I was able to help someone when they were feeling low, was better than winning a jackpot to my self-esteem and mental health. The more I spill my guts in chat, the more tips I get because an old hippie has a certain voice of experience I guess. So if you want more tips, you have to make friends in chat, and don't just grats the winners, make a real effort to cheer up the losers, because someday that will be you, and trust me, I've gotten a real benefit from the moral support from my friends in chat. It's like a merry go round, you could flying off at any moment, and it sure feels good to have friends there to catch you. And be realistic, only bet what you can afford to lose and use the vault because it's much safer and fun to bet small for a longer time. Hope this helps you do have more fun on BC.game, and if some crocodile wants to tip me, I will write the kindest Thank You message that you've ever seen. CryptoCoyote
  2. Well I've only ever seen two shitcodes for 15 cents each I think, in that chat once on the same day, that's it, except for a jillion fake shitcodes that people post and everyone gets really upset at.
  3. CryptoCoyote


    I love that the 500 Doge would be worth so much more today, that's the amazing thing about crypto, a time machine would sure come in handy sometimes.
  4. Sounds like a ton of fun, but it's tricky to know if you have the minimum bet just right with varying prices of crypto, so your number of satoshis or coins required may change if prices go up or down too much?
  5. I think that there should be a place for users to post ideas for new games. I already game up with Coco's Shark Island where you bet how high up through the swimming sharks Coco will swim, like Crash, often he gets eaten at the bottom, but sometimes he makes it all the way to the top. Here's my new idea: Just like we have the special coins for the election, what if there was a special coin that is only given out in the daily spin, but it's a MYSTERY COIN called MC. You get 20,000 Satoshi of MC, and you have 24 hours to increase it, and then on your NEXT DAILY SPIN, you spin the wheel, and it tells you what coin you have. So you could by betting Vsys or BTC, you never know till you spin the wheel tomorrow. I think this would add a whole level of Excitement to players, because they might get an Epic Nano Win, but a few times a day someone gets BTC that they never, ever expected in their lifetime. I think that there should be a spot on the wheel where it's like a consolation prize, even if you spend all of your daily satoshi, you still have a chance to win the daily allotment, so if it is BTC or another higher valued coin, you would still at least get something, and if it was a Nano coin, at least you didn't lose much. That way you still feel like you have a last chance to win. If you like this idea, please click the Like button, so maybe Coco will throw me 10 Doge.
  6. I would like to suggest a contest idea - the Close Call Contest. Here's my Close Call - I cashed out at 1.88x and it crashed at 1.89x - the should be a prize for the highest multiplier with the closest call. So if someone go 123.5x and it crashed out at 124x that would obviously beat my close call because of the much higher risk to get the higher multiplier.
  7. It worked, I did exactly like you said, and I posted the win in this forum. Thank you for the great idea. Here's my tip: Don't double down on crash when you lose because I've lost everything I've won in under 2 minutes each time, figuring that it HAD to turn green this time! What I do on crash is I have a standing bet of 0.1 XLM - a penny and a cashout of 9999x, I got a 133x yesterday. It's my dream to catch a screenshot of the cat flying on the screen with my bet active below it, when I'm not just betting 0.1, even 1 XLM at 200x would be like a victory.
  8. I won on Savior Sword 49.2x - the Sword and the Wheel Spin, but I was only betting 0.1 XLM so the payout was only 5.05 XLM. But the cool part is that I used the trick that the dude in the forum posted. I started at 0.1 XLM for a warm up, then I slowly increased to 1.8 XLM and returned to 0.1 XLM and it triggered a 10x and two spins after, this win, so I am kind of shocked because I've tried many times to get a wheel spin and I've only ever gotten it a couple of times in hundreds of spins, then as soon as I try this trick it works! I changed my name yesterday from Worried Elwon to CryptoCoyote, that's why you see two different names.
  9. I saw someone else's post about winning on Oriental Beauties and it inspired me to try, I got this win fairly quickly, but I wish my wager had been a little higher than 0.1 XLM, because even at 7.2x it wasn't even a whole XLM.
  10. I was betting the minimum 0.00000010 XLM trying to get a screenshot of my bet with the Cat on the screen, and I finally got my screenshot. I'm going to make a t-shirt, and I'll post the photo here.
  11. I like the idea, and I agree that timing is super-important, but given that I've seen so many Red streaks, it seems easier to predict that the green patterns. Thanks for the helpful info.
  12. I won 6 in a row, the 6th card was a Jack, I figured it had to go Low, when the King popped up I was very surprised, things were going so good, and then at the last step I woke up from a dream that I had won already, lol
  13. Now I want to get an 800x, since I know it's possible. Thank you for inspiring me, if I win I will post it here.
  14. Nice 1,000x win in Plinko. Seeing other's wins gives me hope to try some of the games I've never won much at. Crash is pretty stressful to play compared to other games, but the huge potential payouts make it worthwhile. I'm looking for jackpots without so much stress, if I win on Plinko I'll post it here.
  15. I will try your trick because I have only gotten the 3 symbol jackpot a couple of times, even though it seems like it's just about to pop up, you get so many close calls that just fail at the last moment, it's nice to think there's a possible way to win. If I do win I will post it here.
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