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  2. Well... Doge has jumped up in money again and again. So this might be useful to some of you. Hourly claim up to ten doge Downloadable wallet Can send to external straight from site Has built in exchanger for all types of other coins. https://exchanging.cc/fdg-en/114267/
  3. I made a bot on telegram, figured instead of spamming this forum with shit I'd just do some labor. Check it out, make sure it works. Click a few things. Must have telegram Search following tag @FaucetsAirdrop_bot Absolutely tons of faucets, referrals to cool websites... Cough, airdrops, and more. (Yes, mods. It's all legit, cept maybe scam airdrop *shrugs*) I'm officially advertising it on the new year across the globe Please reply with ideas, criticism, questions ect.
  4. Rags or Riches, An Adventures Tale The Pyramid's Catacombs Some would be adventure(s) stumble upon a secret door in Giza, the largest pyramid. After gazing though an opening, a chest could be seen afar. After taking a few steps the adventure quickly realised this could lead to something more then a few coin peices. Story can be for either, or another.
  5. When you change the bet, if it's to much in one direction the game becomes perma skull land. I understand it's to prevent cheap tricks on raising bet beyond what's been wagered in slots machine but it also freaks out when you lower it, then raise back to original. It seems like it's designed for you to slowly raise the bet every hundred spins or so and that's fine. What I don't like is it simply refuses to let you change the betting amount without just starting another seed. Can you give us the percentage that we can raise and lower out bets without it red flagging us. I think this is the largest problem with it now. we can cash out when we want, why not bet what we want as well. If I know because i had three stacks of books few crosse and some pendants. It hits red twice, normally anyone would just lower bet then raise again
  6. Nice one easy promo. Go ahead and include your referral link silly, if people see this and apply no one gets credit. Sorry hun, it's fake.
  7. ahhhell

    Tricks to play limbo

    This is the most unuseful topic ever. There's 2 main ways to play. Keep changing seeds till u get a x90+ multi in first twenty spins and don't ever drop below 30 and stay 30, 40, 50, 90, 200, 300, 600 or play eariler/mid part where you cash in on 4, 9.5, 16, 20, and some higher numbers rarely. Limbo has a complete start to finish line up, it's just the seeds drop you randomly with in the game. It can put you in early, middle or late game. Best way to find out is the multipliers after it goes above x10 a few times. I perfer mid game because late game can destory you if you miss high multiplier while low on coin. There's sometimes 20-40 turns and you don't see anything but a few threes twos and red. Mid game has lower multiplier s but they tend to hit close to one another when it starts up. Early game you can just push through at 4,7, 9.5 and 16. Wanna tip? Always look at the below 10 numbers after moons and find a pattern and play it for small coin, just remember when you drop after 5 or so turns it's gonna start tossing all those larger multipliers so swap your multipliers every 3 rolls after first 5-7 spins. ALAWAYS remember to change your bets. Winning something is better then losing. Losing small is better then staying at twenty for 50 spins before it gives you twenty.. or 300 while at twenty If it's stuck spinng set low bet to 1.9 and let it run two over ten multiplier them jump it back up. Repeat after ten spins and no improvement
  8. Yea, it's not like it was... Sorry for making them update it, was while I was killing the piggy bank.
  9. Fun, Profitable Entertainment The Excitement of Fair Probability More randomness off the wall slogans upon request. (Funny note) Gamblers Dream of Chances, not Chance.
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