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  1. It's funny cause I'm always a few minutes to late but still think it's awesome of you guys to give us the opportunity to recieve whatever the shitcodes are
  2. U never made right on your mistake and I've been losing ever since 50 dollars should be nothing to you

  3. ANDREW15264


    I really fucking hate this fucking site I swear everytime it's just loss loss loss I havent made profit for like over afucking month come to think of it ever since cocofather fucked me over ok n the contest I've been in a losing streak
  4. idk I asked coco father he said there was a mishap and he clicked someone else and he would fix it and I never got paid and I confronted him about it and he leaves he wont respond
  5. That 3rd place is mine and I never even got paid
  6. Again I came in 3rd place in the deck the halls contest and everyone else hit payed except me and I just dont want it to be a month down the line and no one remembers so what's going on
  7. Oh well I talked to cococather yesterday and asked him about it he said that he messed up because I did win and I was 3rd and I'm waiting in my payment
  8. I'd say the slot name is Whispering eye because it means vagina. And u seee cats aka pussy u see eyes aka eyes airgo whispering eyes.
  9. Without a doubt my favorite site I go on it every day I've put a lot of money in and lost and won a lot but I'll always return the people are nice i make friends. Meet new people it's awesome and bc its self gives many opportunities to help us get money and that's awesome
  10. Thank you the problem since then has fixed. Thank you. But if your curious to understand the problem. On the game "cave" the betting currency that your using shows on the game as well. However at that time which was for more than a week whatever currency I used when it worked was locked in and the bar showing the crypto I last used was grey so even if I switched the currency I wished to use up on top the crypto on the game portion remained stuck on the crypto I last used. So the game was rendered useless as for i was out of the crypto. But again the problem since then it no more. Thank you you guys are awesome.
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