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  1. Dude, Really.... You do realize u habe wagered $118 or some shit.. You have no idea what burning through money feels like!!
  2. Just gonna go out on a limb... Im gonna say u had an uncle Notouch and were offended by my story. No nevermind. I dont need verification from you.
  3. Goddamn poets. I can't compete with that. I'll just wait for the next guy.
  4. See all I had to do was say white van and school and here the creeps come a flocking. Go back in ur mom's basement.
  5. I hope u do, ur fucking creeping everyone out. I bet u own a white cargo van too with no windows. I hope u dont live near a damn school.
  6. Are we still on contest #1. Aww hell who cares. Im only on this forum to do amusing shit so hear it goes. This is really hard to talk about. Hey do you mind if i lay down for this. Thanks. Well I have this uncle. He always used to give me money every time he came over to my house. And i would take that money, put it on a card and then buy crypto with it so i could live out my wildest dreams on bc.game with it. Well everytime Uncle Notouch would come over, we would go in my treehouse for awhile. He made me call him uncle notouch. Not sure why that was. Weird name.... Right. Anyways, this last time he came over, we did the usual in my treehouse and on his way out he slipped and fell 100' to the ground and died. So this is why i need the money. Because uncle notouch isnt around anymore. No more sucking 20s and 50s out of my uncle notouch. The End!!!
  7. Bro it's fucking Monday. Your a day late. One to many crack rocks smoked over the weekend huh. You might wanna evaluate how far down the wrong road you have gotten before u keep going if ur losing days in the process. Good luck and one less rock smoked a day will keep shitcodes coming when ur actually around. One more smoked. Ummm... Well u already said it. U think it's Sunday.
  8. Your quote sux. I got a better idea Miami Vice Imposter. Go F urself.
  9. Look at this dude. Wagers 3k and feels he can talk shit. All of that 3k got shit stains written all over it. When u get the balls to bet more than a penny on any game then you can talk shit.
  10. Bahahaha.. I got plenty of my own crypto thank you very much. I don't need anything from them. Although I have developed a real addiction in watching you lame ass dudes beg for crypto. It's fucking sad. Between this and chat I don't think that there is anywhere on this planet that's more pathetic than this. And Danny. I know what ur doing. See danny has some kinda watch em beg fetish. Danny come on put ur dick away. Morontuna is gonna get jealous..
  11. Who's this fucking guy. Are u danny's lover. Does he spank u if u don't stick up for him. Shitcodes are total BS anyways. Waiting all day and night for an amt of coin not worth waiting for. Hey I got an idea. I'm just gonna go back to wolf dot bet and get rains every 20 min. Worth way more than these poopoo codes..
  12. Put down the fucking crackpipe and be on time next time. Wheres Danny? Ohh there he is over there he just was peeking out the closet. Danny... U are not the guy from miami vice. He wasnt a crackhead either. u must of heard he was a crackhead so u decided to follow suit. Not a good idea. Havent u seen the egg and this is your brain on drugs commercial.. That is your brain now danny. we are all so disappointed.
  13. Do urself a favor. Play somewhere else. Pretty much any other site will be more fair then these greedy pricks. They got people brainwashed. They have to. Open up chat and just watch. Like a room full of crackheads looking for a fix and thats the only place to get it. Its disgusting. And pretty damn sad....
  14. You still Won't dude. Bahaha. Knowing where to get em and not knowing are the same thing. But wait around if u want. I just fuck w people on here. It's fun.
  15. Dudes on a crack binge I'm telling you. He's starting to show that pattern. Everyday starts becoming every other day. Then a fucking week. U guys are gonna be hurting. It might be awhile. He won't be back until he's hit rock bottom.. who knows how long that'll be. . Just saying....
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