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  1. But so fun to watch right!!! I had a minion avatar with a smile until i saw this shit.. I think this Danny douchebag likes watching people struggle for crypto. Danny pull your fucking pants up. Its not right Bro!!!
  2. Ok i play alot of slots and am looking for more players who may be noticing this if you are trying to unlock BCD. Accorinding to my calculations the unlock equation is dead on at 1% house edge. What this means is if you are playing a slot at 6% house edge, you are still only unlocking at 1% house edge. Thats a real kick in the nuts to find out only after wagering 36k on this site. I cant seem to find all of my wagering a bet info for the slots so I am going to spend the day reaching out to BGaming directly to get this info so I can move forward w this. In the meantime if anyone else plays alot of slots and you notice this post something here. Itll help out alot.
  3. So I have been trying to figure out why I'm unlocking my bcd so slow. According to the equation it adds up on my end perfectly at 1% house edge. But here's the issue w that. I play slots more. And elvis frog slot is 6% and the other one super shot 2 is 3.99%. they are defaulting to 1% no matter what we play. I think it's time to bring this shit public bacause I'm not getting my fair share and neither is anyone else who is playing the slots.
  4. We need to run w this topic. Sites like bc need to be shut down. I know how a prov. Fair game plays whether it's dice or blackjack. There's no RNG attached to most of this site. I don't care what they say. It's like they have it set up to let us win until we start betting big and then they just shut it down. No more wins. I'm down to keep track of what I play and then we can visit the whole idea of talking to there licencing agent or whoever. Cause it's not fair to anyone. I've been playing online long enough to spot something not right.
  5. YES!!!! Allthat shit is true which goes hand in hand w that game NOT being Prov. Fair. Im assuming that this happens alot more if your betting is more aggressive. But i noticed that when dealer gets a ton of blackjacks, u get dealt 12. But this game is totally Flawed in the sites favor so why would they change it. The people running this site are scabs. Little blows like in dice. If you bust on auto it changes ur bet of remaining balace and bets once more to take the rest of that balance.
  6. you cant use the same code twice u dipshit. nice try tho
  7. Ive played at pretty much all of em and I can say this. The flashier sites are always the worst ones. and I like the old site better. The site Wolf is so basic. But what they do is focus on what matters. Support, setting it up so u can build scripts on site pretty much. Things that Matter!! If u wanna pull people in and take there money so be it. But for the long haul. This site will be no more and sites like wolf is gonna continue growing and being simple in all the right ways. Im not gonna tear apart how glitchy and bugged the slots are. That deserves time to get worked out. But dont expand this site anymore. It doesnt need that. Tone it back and build on some of these games everyone likes to play. I would realistically get rid of the slots first. Maybe throw it in a roadmap for down the road. And lastly. These BCD tokens are bullshit. Just a Lure for new to crypto people. Im sitting on over 700 locked. and Ill never see those. I actually deposited and withdrew the same shit a few times. So fix that. Dont worry about mine. I wont wager anymore at this site. It did exactly what i knew it would. Let me win all weekend then that off switch is hit and nothing more. This could be a great site. Just tone it back some. Take on less and slowly implement stuff into the site.
  8. Each Shitcode serves 1 person one small amount you idiots. you cannot reuse a code. you know what works better. get a fucking job and whip out that american express and get some crypto anytime. No wait time. get it, its all urs, until u get pissed and go all in on dice with ur slider on "under 0.01"
  9. Can I please get the Promotional Hookers and Blow Code. I got the Hookers already but did all the Blow before they got here. Just a Blow Code then. Thank you.
  10. Fuck your codes.. They are all fake. American Express/MC/Visa all work alot better. What are yall waiting for, start punching in those numbers and dont forget the 3 on the back..
  11. So i just made this observation when i was playing dice on auto.. Test it out i want to know if this is happening all over. Simple strat was roll under 27 on loss increase 50%. Everytime that I would bust, it would say not enough balance. Reguardless I still had a balance just not big enough balance. after it says that I hit ok and then right at the end the game takes the remaining balance u have and bet it 1 last turn so ur at 0. This is Cheating in my eyes. if they are doing that to all. Thats alot of cash they are taking from us. I tested it 3 times. I wanna see some feedback.
  12. These assholes disabled me in chat on the site. Bahaha. It's so funny to see sites block people from telling the truth. They can't handle it. Last site I called out was goosebet and look at them now. They don't exist. It's apparent they are taking on to much at once. The successful sites start small and build from there. Good luck bc I had high hopes on the old site. Have fun crashing and burning
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