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  1. Id like to join a solid team im a good team player .add me to the team nd add me msg me thanks
  2. I'd like to see more games slots and better opportunity for investors who send money to this website . Pay the people more BTC
  3. Looking for a sweet girl 🐱 🍀🏝️

  4. nice coco I love you
  5. Bc a medal for those who do the daily tasks every day of a 7day week period. Nd also medal for those who lend a helping hand .nd why not a medal for the top spiner who wins anything other then JB or trtl in the daily spin
  7. Don't have telegram only email
  8. But it did not give me 100
  9. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  10. We the people of the bitcoin society demand more codes to be exposed in random ways for example in the chat or to a email with a one-time shitcode Or even when we spin the wheel because honestly the wheel gives JB MORE then any other . I find it hard to add money to the game without having a cryptocurrency wallet . They only way I found out about this game was threw a shitcode posted in a public restroom wall . The msg read "need money play this game at www.bc.com" Seam legit so I went And it gave me specific directions. I GUESS WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS WE DESERVE MORE . CRYPTOCURRENCY IS AT ITS ALL TIME HIGH AND BC B ACTING KINDA STINGY BUT I STILL LOVE YALL FAM . Bless up and good luck
  11. 1. Beast slots tomb of the Pharaohs 2x bit slots Pandora's Gift
  12. Dude I definitely took a lost .
  13. 1. BC . "Basic coins for basic minds " . It's easy to use & fun to play plenty cool friends to make. free membership to Join us today and win. Ps don't forget to withdraw 2. BC. Better Cryptocurrency it's a better way to invest your crypto. Join us and use this code to get a gift from me to you. Happy wining And goodluck
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