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  1. @gamblegod people around here call him the jesus of shits
  2. @gamblegod the only one who blesses us here with shit, is danny777 the beast
  3. @PogMan yes this still works and gets codes
  4. its a very random drop rate, sometimes more then once a day, but sometimes ive seen it go a whole week here without one
  5. maybe you catch me and good mood, things will be different
  6. i dont tip people who ask for tips, its one thing to be waiting around for coin or shitcodes but actually asking me makes me not wanna do it even more
  7. its usually based on vip level so he isnt quite lying
  8. The thing is everyone is waiting for codes, and they are a one person use kinda thing, if your not here within 30 seconds to 2 minutes of them being posted, your not getting one, just being honest with you
  9. Waiting for shit while taking a shit, and listening to lofi to shit to on youtube lolol
  10. He deactives the shitlink after 5 minute passes so you have to really be watching the forum, ive been here since it started up and havent found myself lucky enough to be around when they get posted
  11. well atleast this is a good way of preventing alot of chat spamm good idea guys
  12. to be honest i dont think ive wagered much , but ive made a decent amount i feel
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