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  1. my ljuck has also been terrible to an almost predictable level its so repeatable level support is currently ignoring me on everything even tho im vip 42 and have been a long time customer
  2. top wager for all cureencies per month and also per all time, for hitting all 8s called crazy 8s in any bet any game or by the specific game. a medal for 10? maybe more? sequantial max bets with victory that must continue off the last bet at a 2.0 payout call maximum return. a medal called birthday cake for hitting a certain ammount with thw cake coin on ur birthday or on bc games birthday, one called speed demon for a certain profit within a certain time allotment
  3. a medal for signing up 20 plus in a week, a medal for getting banned from chat a certain amount of times per time frame? as a jokish type medal. a medal for 10 plus deposits in a day A medal for daily logons 30 days plus for streaming gameplay for a certain amount of time via twitch or the like
  4. bc games is a pile of dog shit never put ur money here they have no value for customers and are absolute frfaudulent crooks
  5. gimmmie a sihtcode this is bullshit
  6. this is insanity fr wowzers there gotta be a better way
  7. they gonna look like 0.00 lol hope noit but....
  8. this is such a fucke up joke fuck shitcodes yo fr thius a cheap ass bitch made way to make u think thy give out bonuses
  9. I had noidea ive onlky wager half a mil here
  10. inm telling u thia shitcode srtuff sux ass fuck this its literally the whackest if they actually posted its like fr the profit this casino must recieve is insasne give back a little u fux
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