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  1. this is a forum for exactly this. you cant be certain he comes in plus minus 2h, he comes when he's begged enough I've spoken with the man he waits for the golden request. so the casino is located at bc.game if you needed directions. most these as you put it beggars are just having a laugh. chill out bloke...farkin relax aye
  2. carn @Danny777 shit codes pronto, the dingo is fed up with eating babies.
  3. The initial feel , look , movement , buzz of the 3.0 was O. The negative end . Felt like the games them selfs had stiffened up a tad. They were tight, ungreased. Few errors hear and then. But more time getting to work the system I can see some positive and feel that there's more good energy to come . As long as I dont hussle too much at a time then Coco plays well with me . I am disappointed that for me slots and live tables are constant error and will not start. I questioned staff a week ago related to this with no response. Very sad. The fact that Coco is no longer giving eath is a tragedy. Be alert for Coco for just a vent or two seems pointless to even wait for him so . Now it's just when I see him I see him . Not his fan boy anymore. I hope Frome this contest a few people mention some bugs that are there and game can continue smoothly without tampering and cover ups like rumours are speaking of. BC is a casino I feel like I have generally had a good crack at . I've taking a bit lost a bit seen outrages bets . Had faulty wheels that seem to not effect game play. But after all that im still sticking round . Just beef up the bonuses . Or the recharge amounts so we have some where to be even on our off days . Peace TENZIRO ....
  5. I thought 2 in a row try for highest X starting at 10x and see who can get the highest. Any where Under 9.90% as long as $0.05. im in australia so my $0.75 is your $1.00. so do i bet AUD or USD cos that makes a difference on coin prices too. Xlm $0.55 at time of bet . But it will change by the time scores are checked
  6. Dose it have to be 9.90 or can it be anywhere above 10x win Not sure if my bets count .. was under assumption 10x and higher as long as 2 in a row. See who is best/highest. 9.90% is starting mark ?????????????????????????????????
  7. Team suBone players: TENZIRO. KARMENINYA. ?????????????? need third @digitaldash give us a shit code would ya @digitaldash cmon mate shit code So beautiful coco Just gorgeous coco
  8. Party medal , tip 10 friends with in an hour like its a party and your all invited , Or 20 friends or 100 , could be any , party hard medal.
  9. Phycosis award , for outrages bets in a half hour period , something like most wagered in a single game in a short amount of time
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