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  1. Shitcode and shitlink please... Thank you very much..
  2. stick it too the bank (metal) awarded for 10x wins in a row 20x wins in a row
  3. Shit smelly anything is better than nothing at all... Well wait. Lied to is something I suppose.
  4. Did not see a single shit code. Nor a list of them and have been in chat for a few days now n nothing....
  5. BC Game B Cause we care for the game BC Game big crypto becomes the game
  6. I'm loving the slots game. I finally got all meters full and got the wheel to spin. Kinda bummed that the crosses reset after you hit. Unlike the other two being the book and gem which stay at the top and reward you on every hit. Would be nice to see the cross do the same considering how hard it is to get full in the first place. If sweet codes were not so hard to find perhaps I would feel different about the crosses resetting.
  7. Nice Coco... I love you!!!!
  8. I have a lot of faith that Coco will deliver a gift if not a sweet code. Keeping the faith!!! Go Coco!!!
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