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  1. sweet codes please shit codes are literally shit....
  2. Smh.... People begging for these things and don't realize they aren't worth shit. You will get 1000x more if you go beg for change outside your local gas station... I promise
  3. So, you guys got .34 ENJ? That's like 50 cents.... I'm not even looking for these codes anymore. I have literally spent 30k on this site in the past couple of months.... 50 cents isn't worth the time
  4. I've noticed that Danny generally posts them around 6-7am. Little friendly knowledge from me to you. The ? I have is this... Is the forum time, MY TIME? Or is it a set time for wherever the server is?
  5. So here's the fasha'. Where's ze mosha'?


    Question. Does Coco get those nasty smelling codes from you or do you both just have the power to create? I'm trying to figure out who I need to blow to get paid. 🤪

  6. So, while watching thousands appear and disappear right in front of me, I noticed something. When i get the notice "seed is already in use", I loose the amount that I bid but DONT get any credit? I mean, SOMETIMES at least. It seems like that happens when the ball doesn't ever appear, as occasionally it will after a second. Can anyone confirm this or am I just CRAZY?!?!? I mean... aside from the obvious insanity...
  8. Not saying you should do this, but use a VPN and you can get in
  9. Sweet code would be nice. 1 Eth maybe?
  10. I have dropped so many thousands of dollars on this site.... Can I PLEASE have done if that back with a code? I promise to write nice things about you!
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