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  1. Note: I will pause this task as I cant tip from this forum and its hard to add user on bc.game unless theyre online. So don't do task yet but I will continue this one if bc upgrade this forum and I can tip from here w/o going to bc casino section. I am also assigning somebody to give out tips on chatrooms using this youtube channel link here so watchout for that. Good luck Good Game! 1. Subscribe here or copy paste this link and check it out! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC4SK6ELBOMaGI3r9DomLbPg 2. Play some music. 3. Add me on BC.GAME and chat with me saying "done" to receive your mini tip if u have completed this task. Warning: Small tips only fm 10 cents per subscription. Be honest and dont be greedy.
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