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  1. Uolls dont be stupid to do and sent ur btc address here.. This person who post this are absolutely scammer and only want both of uolls Quote when sent btc addrs here.. So stop be stupid like monkey..
  2. Holy shit not my day, if got another one last roll for the hundred column mayb i will be the lucky but it no happen.. So join me for the legit LTC airdrop.. https://t.me/Litecoin_click_bot?start=fwRVf
  3. why is there no regular time for the bc game staff to give the code and why only large level vips are given priority????
  4. Congratulations! You have earned 0.00342531BTC 0.05500027ETH 565TRX Kindly Click withdraw button to claim your coin. join now.. Instant withdraw https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r00175735060
  5. Uolls dont trust this it Super Liar.. Dont be ur self look like stupid with this post.. Waste time uolls only..
  6. Use this my link to get free_bitcoin_daily http://t.me/free_bitcoin_daily_s_bot?start=1514466629
  7. http://t.me/free_bitcoin_daily_s_bot?start=1514466629
  8. Ur liar.. No free spin even use ur ref link..
  9. Wow good.. Please Tips me Boss@bassabar....
  10. @Danny777 i hope 2day i will catch the shitcode..
  11. @Danny777why u didnt unfair with us about the shitcode ur post.. Why all deactivated in 60 second???
  12. All deactivated just for 1 minute.. WTF..
  13. Please Dont copy paste the shitcode already Deactivated if u dont want ur self also will deactivated frm us.. !!!
  14. Hallo gd mrng everyone.. Bro @Danny777i hope so i can catch the wonderful Shitcode for Today... Ahaksss..
  15. Monday shitcode will arrived in ____ from bro @Danny777
  16. Monday shitcode will arrived in ____ from bro @Danny777
  17. Good mrng everyone... Have a great monday...
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