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  1. Bro @Danny777, R u understand what He . ☝☝☝..
  2. 1 2 3..... @Danny777will post the shitcode after this.. Keep waiting..
  3. Im waiting for u Im waiting for u Im waiting for u Im waiting for u #Monday Shitcode when u arrive!! LOL!!!
  4. Gd mrng everyone and happy friday yo!!! Let us pray and work together to break the chain of covid19 disease around the world. Amen
  5. Lol.. Honestly Just wanna kidding n give little pressure with bro@Danny777..
  6. thank you for your sincere answer bro @Danny777
  7. @Danny777 Bro.. Can i get personal DM from u after u post the shitcode at this Forum?? Tq bro.. A.S.A.P
  8. Congrts to all got the shitcode today.. Gd luck everyone..
  9. Bro@Danny777 gd night.. I hope so this tyme i will get the wonderful gorgeous shitcode here.. Haha
  10. I hope i will catch the shitcode today...
  11. Yo yo yo... Where r u shitcode.. May god bless for all waiting shitcode..
  12. Always miss the shitcode.. No luck this 2021.. So sad..
  13. Hellooo...  My beloved BC Game...  

  14. This is last choice if in BC Game Acc olready -0.. Hihi.. Just kidding
  15. .. Dont just say it dude.. Do it and show to us...
  16. Dont just say it dude.. Do it and show to us...
  17. Please dont repost the shitcode already "DEACTIVETED". Tq..
  18. @Danny777 for ur information start i join this BC GAME in last year and until NoW i didnt ever got any shitcode as a reward because uolls set the time "5minute active" and in a real time before 5minute finish uolls already deactivated that shitcode.. Thats why i never got thats shitcode.. Please be affair to all players.. Tq
  19. I like this topic .. For me, this BC Game is indeed Rigged but due to the management system being too weak, this BC Game has been set up very difficult to give victory to the players. Therefore, to answer this topic, it is RIGGED, but if you can, give a little chance to the players such as giving gifts and giving opportunities to players who are still level 1, want to go up to next level a little easy flexibility to them upgrade VIP .. Thank you.. please @Coco_Father, @Danny777 and all boss in this BC GAME to take action..
  20. Btw tq for ur answr n advice bro @Danny777 , i really appreciate it.. But one more thing most important, if bro @Danny777 can give me some tips "its really good for me n my respect to u will alwys 100%"..
  21. @Danny777 Dont 4get say hello to ur fmly today n aftr that just throw the "deactivated" shitcode here ok..
  22. Dont ever wish will get more shitcode coZ the shitcode is like bullshit nvr end.. Thats right @Danny777
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