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  1. Total crock of sh*t. This guy is lying. Limbo often goes below 1.98 and actually more often than not.
  2. Firstly, to the person who attempted to answer the question of what is causing this....you didn't even address the question. I've also experience this exact same error everytime I play Plinko. Something is definitely not right. My suggestion to the player, cooy the seed info at the start of a game and literally verify every bet and see if any foul play occurs when these errors pop up. Another site was recently outed by a player who recorded his game play and showed how the site would literally change their seed every so often to prevent big wins.
  3. Dedicated Diariah Grabber Bot 1.7 Initiate Request....Shitcode?.....Request complete
  4. Pooper Scooper Shitcode Scraper Bot 2.70 Initiate Request....Shitcode please.....request complete
  5. Requesting shit storm: Peptobismal Bot 1.20 initiate.... Request has been completed.
  6. Good to finally hear someone who agrees this site is manipulating the seeds. We don't know how they determine the server seed which equals NOT PROVABLYFAIR. Apparently you can't run a truly provablyfair site and stay profitable. I've determined that all of these crypto sites are cheating in one way or another. The only regulatory entity in the crypto gambling space is Curacao and my investigation has determined that they are as crooked as these sites. You pay $ to get the license and that's about it - such a joke. These sites operate on flipping on/off the win switch. Sure, you can win big but not through statistical chance.
  7. Ignore nay sayers and remember this - silence is one of the most powerful weapons known to mankind. That comment offended you but replying to it invites the opportunity to be offended once more with battle of words and wits.
  8. I got a 2075X multiplier awhile back. I got a 12 spin bonus and then a 9 spin bonus within the first bonus.
  9. Here is a tip that will garuntee you win Crash over 100+. Set the auto tool to cash out at 100 and the walk out of the room and don't look at the game. This is how I've won over 1000 quite a few times
  10. If you have the secret to make millions on Limbo, why are you asking for money selling this secret? I wouldn't tell a soul for fear that too many people using your strategy would alert the game operators. I am curious what your method is .
  11. Welcome non-newby. I started playing about month ago. I suggest you deposit some crypto to get a real feel for the site. Winners, yes + yesterday, I turned 50 DOGE into 1300 DOGE. I was as greedy and tried to make a ton with some poorly chosen bets and lost a huge chunk of that. My suggestion is to play every game to figure out what you are comfortable with and if you have a really good winning day, perhaps take a break and take some profits.
  12. Doing well hope the same for you.
  13. I predict @Danny777 dropping a shitcodes I'm less than 2 minutes.....
  14. Hello all! I joined BCG I'm December 2020 but didn't really start playing until a little over a month ago. Amongst the crypto gaming sites I've played on, BCG is by favorite. I want to play on a site that is truly probably fair. I feel BCG does a good job regarding provability but could do a little better (transparency on the server seed selection). When I have a better than average day, I ALWAYS make it rain and give tips. I feel doing this helps make the site more fun and exciting for everyone. PhixitPhil, whom I regard as the best rain master on BCG, inspired me to spread the love when I have good days. I'm working on sending people to the site, I have 3 referrals but plan to step it up soon. I want to see BCG continue to become successful and continue moving up the VIP latter.
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