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  1. Get it here!!!! href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">
  2. It's hard to soar with the Eagles when your surrounded by turkeys Where's the shitcodes
  3. Wscrilla, To be honest sword game not a favorite of mine. After a while you can almost predict when you going to win or lose only after you've bet though. All the games in the casino I believe are engineered to be fair with a slight percentage going to the house as is normal, but you almost want to stay away from the higher betting in This game ,as I found out your chances are decreased significantly the more you bet. I'll stick to the games that are more likely to be fair the higher you bet. Entertaining yes economically feasible I vote no.
  4. Hey all! I'm Wscrilla. Did you ever go to some place and just feel like you found home well that's how you feel playing at BC Casino for everyone that's new like me you'll love it Fair plays the name of the game. there's plenty of fun to be had for everyone's tastes thank you for having me. Wscrilla
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