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  1. Well, I liked as many as I could before they cut me off on reacting for the day.
  2. LOL I can't react any more today because I misunderstood the instructions on another post and went on a huge spree, but I'm replying.
  3. I followed as instructed but it says you can't receive messages?
  4. Can't react any more today, so I'm replying instead.
  5. I can't do any more reactions today, so I'm replying instead.
  6. Do we need to comment, or will Liking the post do?
  7. I'm reacting. I have a post over in Beggar's Anonymous that explains that I'm hoping someone will loan me the funds to unlock my BCD.
  8. Um, if I understand Google Translate right, there's a post somewhere I should react to?
  9. I hate asking for this, begging isn't really my style. However... I've got almost $1900 in locked BCD that was acquired when I was working. But now I've got an injury to my right (dominant) arm. I can't move the arm without severe pain, and I won't be able to return to work until I've done a few weeks (or possibly months) of physical therapy. I really need to unlock that BCD to keep myself afloat. I figure I'll just do some auto-dice grinding or wheel, something like that where I can keep from losing too much too quickly (I have a system of increasing my bet enough on a loss so that the next hit will make back what I've lost and then some.) I've been trying to do it using dust from the daily spins and rains/coin drops when I manager to get them, but it's not enough to unlock the BCD in the next decade or so, especially since it's not enough to ride out a bad run with the RNG. If someone could loan me enough to unlock a decent amount of BCD, I will pay back with 10% interest as soon as that amount is unlocked. Thank you.
  10. My sob story is this: I spent four days trying out different blackjack games to find a game and betting strategy that would work for me. I finally decided on one of the Betsoft games, and at least half the time I could end my free-play session having made some money. Which was about as good as it can get. So I made my deposit, and the moment I was playing for real money, I couldn't score a decent win to save my life. Now I'm out money I really needed to increase because I can't work due to an injury.
  11. BC.Game: We put the "game" in "gambling".
  12. I'm new here (obviously) and a little intimidated because I've only been exploring online gambling (and cryptocurrency, as the preferred currency for online gambling) for a couple months. This site is very different from any other online casino I've encountered. The emphasis on being socially active makes me a little nervous, because I struggle with social anxiety. But since this site appears to have just added some of my favorite games (BetSoft) I'm hoping to figure it out and maybe even get to enjoy playing without (apparently?) any playthrough requirements. Now I just need to find the post that explains what these "service_restrict" errors are about. I'm sure it's here somewhere...
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