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  1. Added you beesh9. Now what?
  2. Bc Game - chat, bet & win Bc Game - coccos win cave
  3. Not sure i understand your comment, calling me a jerk? PS: i never wrote a negative review, clearly states that I would test and report feedback on this and so i did.
  4. Tested: free accountsbcannot withdrawand you need to invite 10 friends. This is clearly a scam
  5. Usually scams like these they focus on those who tend to purchase additional mining packages mot those who use the free option, im testing this site Quick update 27/10/2021: about 8trx away from the minimum withdrawel limit of 100trx, will update this post as soon as I have been able to withdraw. Mining has been running for 3 days now
  6. Nah, i got caught by mimings.live like that but luckly on with 156trx i invested but had been getting 245trx per day for about 4 weeks so cant really complain about it. Wasnt as bad as with Redox ($4300 loss) Anyway, im at 44trx with this site link, will post as soon as i am able to withdraw in 24hours before anyone else maybe tries it
  7. This deserves a double thumbs up, agree! My Top 2 things about bc: 1: Winning Big, Loosing big and rebuilding whilst having a good time. 3: coming here and reading shitty posts like this.
  8. Can we all agree that this was a fake? Lemmi guess, no one received their tips either right+
  9. Hi there, Im thinking about taking on the task of hitting the higher multipliers, can someone please tell me which ons are worth going fornamd how? Ive been using the X100 strategy per 100 spins and resetting the seed. How do i set my strategy to do this?
  10. @digitaldashwhat do i have to do to receive a doge tip like others? I did a decent review on BC but never gotnany feedback/tip and was kind of hoping it would get recognized ha ha
  11. @chro999, im not saying they are scammers at all - i have however moticed that playing with the same strategy each time could either be very beneficial or cause quick busts depending on the time of day I play. In all fairness, its a casino meaning thats its always a gamble! People need to start playing smarter i believe and never gamble hard earnings away whilst know when to walk away for a bit (whether when winning enough or busting to much) And although the past week has been rather dissapionting i can say that overal BC has been very good to me!
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