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  1. I dont want to alarm anyone, but theres a flying cat, farting rainbows floating somewhere near
  2. What in the $%#! Is up with this game. This is a complete joke. I only play this game for the hilarious you tube videos i make. And that one time i actually managed to win some decent dough. I cant tell you how many times $100 has vanished without the aligorythm even tfying to entertain you. In several videos i accurately predicted the skull coming up, one time 27 times in a row. Its so predictable but even knowing your about to get fucked cashing out is not going to help you cause the game hasnt allowed you to go up but one or two ladders. And dont try betting anything that might net you some actual dough cause thats when it breaks out the pineapple and then shoves it in backwards nice and hard. Try fast tapping that bet button and youll really see some skulls. 4 out of 5 times you rack up 3 ladders on the left and ni matter what you do your hitting a skull. I really enjoy the times when it takes all but a dollar and then proceeds to hit everything but a skull. But of course youve diwnsized your bet to a penny just so you can have one more pineapple jammed in sideways one more time. And proving that the random generater is as random as they want to make it according to your bet size, your playing rythem and speed and of course adjusting it to your bank roll. I once had a losing streak of 82 rolls without a money hit. Thats 82 skulls and blanks in a row. Custumer service said " that is the worst luck ive ever seen". Me and the four witnesses couldnt believe that guy was still trying to keep a straight face. But hey the videos are crazy funny with unbelievable runs of losses. Check them out.
  3. Nice coco.. I love you
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