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Hash Dice strategy (testing)

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The past few days I've tested a strategy on Hash Dice.

I've chosen 1.502 payout.

1. Chose your base bet - I've chosen 0.002 USDT

2. Roll

3. If win, then stay at basebet - if lose, then double basebet


Basically everytime you lose, you double the bet. Everytime you win, bet half of your current bet until you reach the basebet. Don't go below your basebet, because this is were you will earn most of the time.




I'm a psychology student from Sweden. I'm here to analyze your bad decisions.



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isnt that like a martingale, just the only difference is that you decrese the base bet? So basicly i bet 2, i won, i get 1 , i bet that and i win, i get 0.5 , i bet that, i get 0.25 ? i will never get to the base bet. am i wrong?

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