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  1. Im sorry but this is not the proper place to ask about such things.
  2. We do have mines in the works, tower game not at the moment. We probably won't come out with a tower game in the near future, but mines will be out soon!
  3. It might have been while we had some intermittency during upgrades to our server environment. All should be working fine now, please let me know if issues persist.
  4. Yes, it really was updated. Its just been giving us a hard time lately. Did you get everything sorted out with your withdrawal?
  5. Sorry you haven't had the best experience with the new slot The results are indeed random, and use a seed pair (client/server) in order to generate them. They are verifiable upon revealing your seed. I think a big factor in players always saying that the odds decrease as you increase bet is because of WHEN this is done. Its usually done after gaining confidence after a win streak, so the liklihood of it continuing isn't that great. Even still, some big payouts can happen very close together, you never know its all in the seed pair created.
  6. There is no way for us to "target" all these players at the same time with something like this. The maintenance was exactly that, server maintenance. This was the reason for any downtime, as the server is what servers the site. Hopefully you understand this, as its what actually happened.
  7. Not sure why that's there - please contact me directly via PM and i'll see whats going on for you
  8. How is this a scam? It looks like you submitted to the wrong chain address....we don't accept ETH to our BSC address, and neither does any other casino.
  9. Hi there - very sorry about this, we were having some issues with our nodes over the weekend and we were running a skeleton crew due to incorrectly set up logistics. Did you end up receiving your withdrawal? We have some things planned to inform our players sooner about such things, I agree with you though, we need to do a better job at it.
  10. Yes, this would be nice to offer - the only thing is once we start handling fiat currency things get very crazy with laws. Also, fraud would be another big issue that would make this difficult. We could possibly work out a deal with an existing provider to sell it for us, will keep this noted. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Congrats on your win! Thats a very nice payout!
  12. We've recently made some changes to how our help section on the forums will operate. Now, you can ask actual questions which others can answer and receive upvotes. This ensures that the most relevant answers are easily viewable for anyone searching for the same answers as you. With this being said, if you have a question, do a quick search in this category to see if your question has already been answered. After you've received a few answers to your question, you will have the ability to mark which answer(s) were most relevant to you: Marking the most relevant answers to your questions helps out the whole community for people who are seeing the same answer as you later on. Additionally, you can also upvote/downvote any answers to your question as well as being able to do so on the actual questions. Upvoting/downvoting the questions allows for the most pertinent community questions to be at the top of the list. We feel that this approach should work much better for the help section, and should keep things organized so that everyone can easily find what they are looking for. Please note that we have a separate subcategory for feedback/suggestions here in the help section.
  13. Top Profiteer Medal, one for each game (16 separate medals) Win the highest profit amount on each game (normalized to USD). Even if someone wins max profit on a game, someone can still beat them by hitting the same when crypto prices are higher. Up Up and Away Medal Receive this medal for making a total profit of $5,000 or more within 24 hours Fame & Fortune Medal Receive for obtaining a collective total of 1000 or more likes while sharing a bet. Limited Edition Medals Unique medals offered only for a set period of time (ie. when a new game is released, offering a medal for playing more than x rounds, or for Christmas 2021, etc).
  14. Hello world - We’ve been hard at work here at BC trying to include new and exciting bonuses/incentives for our players. Our latest addition is an incentive called RECHARGE, a limitless VIP Cashback perk with wager-incentives. WHAT IS RECHARGE? -> Recharge is a new wager-based comp we now offer to our VIPs here at BC.Game. Players with Recharge activated have the ability to receive cash back at set intervals based on recent wagering. The more wagered, the higher your comp amount will be. Currently, we’ve left it open without a max cap! HOW IT WORKS -> Its quite simple - Once you activate Recharge on your account, it will calculate an hourly rate based on the last 7 days worth of wagering. The calculated amount is then locked in for the next 7 days. Comps are received by claiming them at the end of a user-set interval. You can choose from every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily intervals. On the players side, we’ve added the unique ability to change claim intervals on-demand. Know you’ll be busy tomorrow but want to get maximum comps now? You have the ability to set to 10-minute claims, and at the end of the session change to daily so you don’t miss any of them while busy the next day. Our recharge program was set up to work dynamically with your constantly changing schedules in life. After all, gambling should be fun - not another chore. ELIGIBILITY -> In order to be eligible for Recharge, you need to have achieved at least VIP Level 22 or above - In addition to this, you need to have wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the past 7 days. — Keep in mind that we built this program from the ground up, so its likely that there will be flaws that need to be updated along the way. If you have any discrepancies with the platform, please let support know so that we can review it.
  15. I vouch for this promo - Win some free money guys and gals!
  16. Nope, you just need to hit as many of the payouts as possible
  17. @luntik777 1st ($222) @GKD69 2nd ($111) @CivicMe 3rd ($66) Congratulations to the top 3 podium winners! If you are one of the top 3 podium positions, congratulations! Your prize will be sent to you directly by BC staff. Anyone who entered a valid bet will be paid out an equal share of the prize pool totaling $267. Great job everyone and keep your eyes out for the next flash challenge that will be released for this upcoming weekend! > View the final list of valid bets for this challenge -- This concludes this challenge --
  18. R U L E S + D E T A I L S The rules for this flash challenge are listed below, please pay close attention and make sure to read thoroughly. C H A L L E N G E O B J E C T I V E Get as many number 6 cards in a row as possible - skipping is allowed. Minimum of 3 in a row to qualify If you skip, only the 1st starting skipped 6 card counts. You must play the other ones in order for them to qualify. Should you skip and a 6 comes out after the 1st one, it doesn't count unless you actually bet hi/low on that card. Must be a WINNING bet, meaning you cashed out successfully. The Minimum bet amount to qualify is 100 sats (0.00000100 BTC) or equivalent. Bets submitted with less than 100 sats will not count towards a prize. Bets must have been made AFTER the start of the challenge. The player with the highest number of 6's in a row shall get top podium spot. In case of a tie, the one who placed a bet on their entry with a higher bet amount will be the winner. If still tied, whoever posted first will be deemed the winner. One (1) entry submission per household - anyone caught trying to use multi accounts for the promo will be banned from this challenge along with all future ones. Play fair. Challenge ends on 11/2/2020 - this thread will automatically lock once challenge is over. Check to see when the thread locks for the exact time of when it ends compared to your local time. How To Submit your Entry Take a screenshot displaying the round detail like so and send a reply to this thread with it: Must be able to see betting ID so that your bet can be verified. Please do not make multiple posts, just edit your original one if you need to replace with a better qualifier. PRIZE DISTRIBUTION For this particular flash challenge, we’ll be offering spots for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prizes are as displayed below. We're also trying something new, 1st through 3rd place winners will receive prize winnings in your coin of choice! 1ST ....... $222 2ND ...... $111 3RD ....... $66 ...But wait, that's not all! Participants who post VALID ENTRIES for this challenge will split a prize pool of $267! -- Prizes will be paid directly to the winning accounts upon verification within 24 hours of challenge ending. We reserve the right to ask the player to select an alternate coin of choice if deemed necessary. Only valid entries that meet the challenge requirements will qualify for the prize pool, - bets must have been made after this challenge was created and must be placed with a minimum bet amount of 100 sats or equivalent. We reserve the right to deem a player ineligible for this challenge if they are banned from the site or were found to be attempting to manipulate it in any way.
  19. This has been amicably resolved - Locking thread.
  20. I didn't know @RedFox was banned in the first place. How long was the restriction placed for?
  21. Last chance to get your SERO out. Additionally, AXE will be removed as well from the site.
  22. This looks like a rounding issue within JS due to how far the decimal point is away from 0. Due to this reason, we use a specific library to correct this server-side. However we can’t do anything about code that’s being run client side. You can look up the various rounding issues on a search engine, there appears to be a few depending on the calculation. Not to lessen your post by any means, but to be honest we have better things to do than cheat players 1 sat per round in crash...let’s think common sense here please. No casino is going to risk their reputation over 1 sat / round in crash...
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