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  1. So It Has Come To My Attention That The Functions I Used On Crisp Were Not Permitted To Me Or BC.Game But Needed Permission/Authorization Also From A Crisp Admin/Personel , An Unknown Error Occured During Intergration with Both BC.Game And Crisp Platforms. The Video I Posted Showing A Recording Of This Internal Software Was Incorrect And Aimed At BC.Game By Me Big_RED_Earny .... I Was wrong And Apologise Greatly To BC.Game Team inc Mods ...Sorry Leading To My Final GoodBye From Bc.game After My Mistake Made, My Retirement Indefinatly I Choose To Take, I Give Wishes To All My Friends And Family I Made Here, And Also You Coco Dear , Bye All ,, Earny
  2. what you want most in life you have probably already had
  3. i cant vote for myself so give the Big DODO Bird Love....i vote Bonusass!!!
  4. Freedom Of Speech Being Key Here, But Where Was The Chance For Cran To Defend Himself ? infact Where was the complaint from user that has dissapeared called @gobackfindia?? where was the racism?? ive seen alot worse on here than quoting the smell of curry..... ...the main parts of this bulshit i find are ....obviously bcgame (coco) has Chosen to side with the Complaining user/s ...why? because they spend money here?..So Do Mods!, or is it because they refer other people/users to BCgame?? ...So Do Mods!....or is just because the user has more rights than A Mod?? .... The Most Annoying Part Of All Off This Is The Way It Was Dealt With By BCGame Management or lets call it..... YOU COCO!!!!!!!......Just Remove Mod Without Explaining/Talking About The Issue??? Its Fine??? Easy To Get New Mods....All Want To Be Mod........Any Gaming/Casino Sites Or Any Business Owner/Manager Should Want The Best Resolve For Anyone Involved. Dont Forget Its The Mods That Are Taking All The Shit!!! ... Admin/Owners Dont Spend Time Repeating Stuff Over and Over Explaining Issues Or Changes , Providing Support Whenever They Can, Its MODS That Get Insulted For Posting The CHAT RULES! ..... Or BANNING! .... Its MODS Defending BC.Game... When Users Say SCAM!!...Its MODS That Go Unrecognised For The Time And Effort They Put Into The Job/Role Given.. Not To Mention Most Do It All Without Pay.. Is It As You Say COCO?? Just Business? ..... Or Is It The Customer Is Always Right Bollocks ? Maybe The HUGE Amounts Of Money BC.Game Generates Should Pay For Staff/Admin/Management/Coco/Yoko To Do SIMPLE Training On Resolving Issues And Running A Succesful Business For Both Customers And Employees. RACISM IS NOT TOLERATED!!!! Whatever Skin Colour You Have,Language You Speak , Part Of The World YouR From.... IT DOESNT MATTER!!! .........We All Bleed The Same Blood!! BC.Game Managment/Admins....COCO! Shame On You For Being Very Unprofessional And Also.....Shame On You For The LACK OF GRATITUDE And RESPECT You Show Your MODS! Any Way I Could Go On ..... 1.CRAN PUT BACk TO MOD STATUS!!!! 2.AN APOLOGY FROM COCO And MANAGEMENT!! 3.RESPECT FOR ALL MODS TAKING THE SHIT WHILE OWNERS/MANAGERS REAP THE REWARDS..... #CranMod
  5. i think a moon prediction feature would be cool bet on the moon:)
  6. cmon guys you need to pass the KYC verification or you will not recieve the airdrop
  7. this is the new airdrop cng which will be credited on 1st of june
  8. for anyone who thinks its fake heres my trade sale from the last airdrop... bare in mind only 2 ppl out of 18 passed kyc or it would have been 0.03 upwards:)
  9. https://coinsbit.io/referral/54598c4f-886d-4c04-8d70-4b2644fe7cbb
  10. Todays Event Has Started!! Good Luck All!:
  11. NEW CHAT GAME!!!!!!! will be starting in 1-2 hours im very busy
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