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Christmas Contest / Deck Coco’s Halls / Dec. 14 - Dec. 25


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Submitting my entry


Tak berjudul7_20201225004102.png

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Hi! Hello! My Man, My Lady

How are you this Holiday?

As for me, I’m not that busy

So I visited B.C.Games to play!


At the door, upon my entry

I saw Coco coming to greet me

He carry a wheel on his back daily

I spinned it and “POOF!” came out a puppy!


Then the puppy, Coco and me

Went to visit Mr. Rockey

We rode his back and we got ready

And “SWOOSH!” we flew up up and away!


An accident happened along the way

“EVACUATE!” shouted Mr. Rockey

We jumped off, so sorry to see

Mr. rockey went “BANG!” like fireworks display!


When we landed, we are so lucky

To land on Plinko Valley ‘coz it’s snowy

Like white plinko balls, we rolled away

Hitting the singing candy poles along the way!


As we hit these poles of candy

They sing a Christmas melody

A perfect music for our rolling journey

“Til we reached the end of Plinko Valley!


At the bottom, we met Mr. Dicey

He said “Hop in! I’ll be your ride today”

“Left Right Left Right”, he skated so wildly

But stopped suddenly when he saw Ms. Hashdacey!


“You have to get out now.” said Mr. Dicey

So we got out , heads spinning and dizzy

We rested on the snowy ground, Coco, me and puppy

As we watched the sweet couple skate away!


The next we met is the Deck Family

52 members named with numbers and Royalty

The royal Decks said “Come, lets play!”

The number Decks said “Guess me! Guess me!”


If I guess right, Christmas gifts for me

If I guess wrong, I have to pay

Got lots of gifts from them, it’s a lucky day

I opened them all and we had a holiday party!


We sang And hear Coco’s story

About all places and friends here at B.C.

About Mr. Bacarrat, The Cave and Ms. Beauty

About Mr. Blackjack, Ms. Roulette, ETC….!


I’d like to meet them all today

But I got tired after the party

So I said goodbye to Coco and everybody

And wished them “HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!”


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If im not too late, i finally managed to add music. I didnt get to sing with it like i had hoped. If its too late, enjoy anyways lol and merry xmas!

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Oh Coco you didn't know what kind of bad boy that I can be...{I tried to be good ..

and I got on one knee, to tie my shoe, chase after you,  

For taking away my Joy!!


So nowI gotta steal your toy and make it mine yes this is fine I won't decline  cause your stingy little green self has no comparison to the life I've dealt  so I plan to show u what a bad boy can be youl wish and wish that I'll set u free but now your green lizard self belongs to the porbois wealth I'll make u beg I'll make u work I'll even give you shit code in girth your worth  more at birth .


Now ill give u one last chance to fix the shit code u had dealt if u choose to but then u don't il grab my rope and tie u up so tight in the middle of the night that even spider can't in untangle you'll hang around and jingle jangle. You'll wish I would have given me more you get one last chance just send it to PoorBoi

Poor poor PoorBoi who has done nothin but spend his cash on your ass with nothing back but a small amount I've gotten more by taken it up the @$$ ...so  no more questions and il tell u no lie truth be known that shit code won't even register in US wealth 5 DOG just can't be is it even real the jokes on thee

How can christmas be so mean you have done and gone and turned me green with envy for the fortunes be.  I will soon own this game and your ass for free. 


just joshn ya'll


Bah Humbug!

GIVE ME Luck so I can give Luck back 




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the reason for the poem is because Coco sent me five DOGE as a gift and told me that I was a bad boy and that's all I GET I don't know what I done to be so bad....??


@[¡(°¥°)¡][email protected]({ * ¥ °}¿)

[џоц рцлсн ме П my I]



{меѓѓч Снгјѕтмдѕ & нарру иеш уедг}



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On 12/24/2020 at 1:15 AM, Little Uball said:

Deck the Halls, walls, floor, kitchen table, and in the back of my grandpas deuce and a quarter.9c518fec0ba8bcb64b1656451dcf8c3b.thumb.jpg.4bfdda89ab20ee8844762c449265223b.jpg

Well damn!!


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Thank you to all the participants of this contest. There have been so many great entries. We will be announcing the winners in the coming days.


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All rewards for this contest have been sent through PM.


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